Upload an arbitrary image and become a contributor of the artwork! Each uploaded raw image is stripped of its metadata, fed to the first layer of alteration and the result of this layer is stored while waiting for review. If accepted the image will be further altered using second layer systems that focus on neural networks and becomes part of the global dataset building this dynamic aesthetic.

Every uploaded image is reviewed by our moderation team before publication, publication can take up to 1 week if approved. For questions and concerns please reach out to support.

Accepted formats: .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .webp. Max file size: 10Mb. Images which have one dimension (width or height) exceeding the limit of 1600px will be automatically resized. The seed is used to have a point of reference in the randomness, if the upload fails please change a bit the number. With each different seed you get a different result. With the same seed you should get the same result.

There are currently 8784 images published from a total of 142680 images produced.